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About Literature / Artist Community Volunteer Rebecca Showler32/Female/United Kingdom Groups :iconcrliterature: CRLiterature
CR Hub for the Lit Community!
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Deviant for 11 Years
Core Member 'til Hell freezes over
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Random Favourites

Tommy 1337
Dahl, your death was a tragedy,
But I'm almost glad you didn't see
The rising of the new way to
Make your kids' minds melt into goo.
I talk, of course, lest we forget
Of the abhorrent INTERNET.
None of us could contain our joy
When this delightful little toy
Made little Tommy shut his trap
(Much quicker than a lunchtime nap)
And seemed, at first, to educate
Rather than brain-assimilate.
But years rolled on and our new friend
Became the source of ghastly trends
And Tommy, now at age thirteen,
Became rather absurdly keen
On women – half cat, with huge breasts,
And arguments on which was best:
The Potter books or sparkly guys
(Those weird gay vampires in disguise).
The vulgar porn and RP games
All make TV look rather tame.
Over 9,000 pedo-cocks,
And fan girls milling 'round in flocks,
Dramatica and DeviantArt
Will slowly blacken any heart
And dull your eyes, and dull your brain
Until you'll never speak again
Save in a strained and beastly growl
As we eliminate the vowel.
So parents,
:iconfrancine1991:Francine1991 215 124
The LOL Corner [#46]

The LOL Corner
This regular news article promises to make you giggle, chortle, and laugh your ass off.
Every edition will feature a collection of the funniest chat network quotes.
dAmnIt! is a database of funny quotes submitted by deviants like you.
dAmnIt! has reached over 10,000 quotes!
When something funny happens in a chatroom, share it with everyone! It only takes a few clicks, and while you're there browse through all the other hilarious quotes!
Feel free to note me with suggested dAmnIt! quotes to go into the next edition.
Past Editions:
Edition One
Edition Two
Edition Three
:icontachy-on:Tachy-on 350 239
Be The Change Challenge
"You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World."
- Mahatma Gandhi"
I am here today to challenge people to make a difference on deviantART. We as deviants are capable of changing how people feel about deviantART, this is our community and it is our responsibility to shape it into a place we can take pride in. The communities we choose to be involved in are an extension of ourselves, and the ways we choose to behave influence the form of the site here. If we act with in a supportive, appreciative, caring manner that is the atmosphere that this environment will have.
We are capable of supporting under-appreciated artists and their art, and using our personal networks of fans to spread the enjoyment of that artwork all around dA. So my challenge is a simple one, there will be no prizes for taking part as I was going offer prizes but thought lets do it for the sheer enjoyment of doing right, we should do this sort of thing because we care about building a better environment not becaus
:iconinsaneone:insaneone 377 238
Today we join with other deviants in saluting the staff that keep this site functioning and growing.
deviantART is the most inclusive and largest art website in existence, bringing together artists from across the world and across almost all artistic disciplines to one central community. Millions of writers, photographers, street artists, painters, designers, tattooists, videographers, artisans - and all breeds of creative people in-between [besides musicians, we clearly don't want anything to do with their kind!]. From every walk of life and with every sort of perspective, mingling together in an environment that ideally is an open and supportive place for each of us to exchange our ideas and our art. That is a big deal, with a potential that should not be underestimated. And that environment is built, maintained, and improved by the staff's constant efforts.
There are almost no barriers to membership on this site, DA's openness is the reason there are so many people here. We d
:iconinsaneone:insaneone 236 273
Winners of the Future of the Holidays
You've waited patiently and the judges have read and...judged...
It was a hard one! So hard that three spots just weren't enough! In each of the judge's responses there were two pieces that were consistently mentioned for their skill and how enjoyable they were. Unfortunently, because of the quality of all entries involved, we had to strictly adhear to the rules.
Regardless, we feel these two pieces merit an
Honorable Mention
H.R.M by poprocksandcharlotte
A Christmas Tail by WineWriter
Congratulations ladies!
Now on with the placing.
As a refresher:
The Prizes
:star: PRIZES: :star:
    First place:
    1 year sub or print of equal value
    Basic Artist's Bag!
    Emoticon Stress Balls
    Calendar of your choice
    Feature in Journals of: PurpelBlur, StJoan, LadyLincoln
:iconstjoan:StJoan 34 18
The Simpsonzu :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 108,523 0
The Taming of the Llama: Keeping the dA Peace
Like every huge global public website, dA has it's share of spam, drama, trauma and trolls.  Most deviants will have had some experience dealing with spam on their userpage, bitchy comments on their art and other unpleasant interactions.  I don't want to talk about the people who trawl through the Daily Deviations every day to leave comments about how the featured work is undeserving, or the people who write journals and news articles calling out other artists and encouraging their friends to form a lynch mob, or the people who disagree with someone in the forums so follow them to their page to hurl a further barrage of insults (again usually with an army of bandwagon jumping 'fans' in tow), or...
I'm sure you get the picture.  What I DO want to talk about here is how you can deal with the negativity in as positive a way as possible.  I don't make the rules here and I don't write the policies.  I can't ban people and I don't deal with c
:icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 199 113
Happy Birthday to--Wait, I'm being SUED??
As reported by our very own film monkey ElectrikPinkPirate
:film: That's right boys and girls. "Happy Birthday" is a copyrighted song. AOL/Time-Warner owns it, bringing in about $2million in royalty payments every year, and they will continue to use and make some serious cash off this until the year 2030. Why do you think that annoying restaurant-esque 'happy-happy-birthday!' yada is more prevalent in films (and in actual restaurants) than the traditional melody we all sing at parties? Unless you have $10,000USD to fork over, you will not be using this song anytime soon.
:cake: "Happy Birthday" is something not many people are aware of being under copyright, but ignorance is not an excuse. I've been seeing a lot of music-related mistakes in the film submissions lately- copyrighted music as the 'scores' or 'soundtracks' for films people are submitting.
Look guys, something that you downloaded for free (o
:icondeviantartfilm:deviantartfilm 235 311
THE LIT LIST: Issue No. 10
Since I didn't post the Lit List last week, I decided to post this a day early and give you all an extra day to participate in the listed activities. This is still the same old Jessica, I should tell you, I'm just posting from my new account, ATrue, for those of you who noticed and weren't sure what to think. For club owners and others who would like to inform of new events, please ensure that you contact me at the new account from now on! As always, I encourage you to get involved with some of the listed activities. By the way, something I forgot to mention earlier, though it was one of my main reasons for compiling the Lit List to begin with, is that there's no rule stating you can't write for multiple prompts at one time. I wrote one deviation inspired by three separate prompts for three different lit groups and submitted it to all three! Not only does this allow you to be involved in more areas of the
:iconatrue:ATrue 21 4
Poetry Feature #90
The Discoverer of Invisibility by ~wall-poster-star
I tried to leave you clues.
I deserted roses, sparked and dangling from
trip-wire trees, but you walked
right on more

Discovered by: ~hi-mi-tsu
Selected by: `PunknEra, ~hi-mi-tsu, ~surrfant, *mamadoll & ~mare-wrath.
The Favorites Project (FP) is an independent program run by dA members (not administrators). We are not a club so you can't join even if you wanted to, but we do ask
:iconthefavoritesproject:TheFavoritesProject 13 2
Wings that flutter :iconsnowmask:snowmask 583 457
Brigadier Holland liked to scream. It was a manly thing. His medals would raise their heads to the golden sun, his neck would throb and burn red, his tongue would snap like a guillotine and his eyes would hop in and out of sanity. Shouting towards recruits was an unique religious experience and Edward Holland knew all about faith - he had read the bible once. It was essentially a matter of volume.
That morning, the army base at Drumshire was deserted - even the smell of gunpowder had left the air. Its large open square had no movable shadows, except that of the mountainous brigadier. Undisturbed by the complete silence, the old warrior marched to his usual spot. He stood upright, held his breath and his face refused to twitch. Edward Holland was an excellent swimmer, he had fell into the English Channel once. Within a minute, the freezing moment of that memory drowned his self-control and so Holland began to howl like a rabid dog of war. This strange sound conquered the empty square, m
:iconrickdanger:RickDanger 2 39
It was half past ten, on the second Tuesday of 1998, when James Walters realised he had never existed. The idea had been threatening to enter the back of his mind for the past few days, but through a rather complex web of self-delusion and frustration, he had managed to stave it off.
It finally occurred to him when, after days of computer errors and what he had taken to be silly practical jokes on the part of his co-workers, the hitherto thirty-eight year old went to visit his mother. That is to say, this was the action that eventually led to his realisation. In fact the epiphany truly occurred while he was lying on the hard wooden bunk in a cell in the local police station, waiting for someone to explain just why his perfectly sane mother had called the police when he had used his key to let himself into her house.
:iconnicktroptopolis:Nicktroptopolis 2 24
Wordwork's Workshop: Tale as Truth
In this news article: Results of BeccaJS’s Workshop: New Beginnings |:star: wordworks’s Workshop: The Tale as Truth: Modern Folk Narrative :star:|A New Year, New Hosts |First time you have heard to Writers-Workshop? This section is for you!
Results of BeccaJS’s Workshop: New Beginnings
A word from Writers-Workshop ...
This workshop was quite successful, with 26 entries taking very different approaches, and it looked to me like most everyone was successful to some degree. Thanks to all of the people who made rounds leaving feedback, there were a fair amount of you, and I'm sure the workshoppers were grateful for the feedback.
BeccaJS’s response...
When I decided upon this workshop idea, I had originally wanted to incorporate the use of music introductions to help inspire and influence people. However I am glad I avoided this, because the way this workshop has worked
:iconwriters-workshop:Writers-Workshop 29 7
Poets You Should Know, Issue V
This is Part V of a weekly series, updated Mondays.
You can find the earlier issues here:
Issue IV
Issue III
Issue II
Issue I
It is essential to remember that behind every poet, big or small, is a person: a living, breathing, human being, with a very real life, and very real experiences. Every one has a different reason to write, and every one has a different voice.
It is important to remember that the poetry community is filled with many diverse people.
Thus, I have today more excerpts from interviews with a couple of real poets here on dA; Hopefully, after having read them, you will have a greater understanding of two of your fellow poets.
"It seems very rare to find poetry as formatted as mine on DeviantART"
Name: Parker
:iconnyxiathewarrior:nyxiathewarrior 9 3


Hey there You asked for a critique on my journal and despite already being behind on my promise I am now catching up :D This was an inte...

Hi there This piece is very visual- I like the attractive use of colour and the open questions throughout. I can see the potential in t...



It's NaPoWriMo in April! Are you joining in and writing a poem every day in April? 

7 deviants said Not this year!
5 deviants said Nope. I do not poem and my name is neurotype.
4 deviants said Share some cool resources for prompts!
4 deviants said I haven't decided yet whether to play and need convincing! (Tell us)
1 deviant said Tell us how you are planning (or winging it!)
No deviants said My entire collection of 30 poems will be dedicated to my cat (or a theme?)


Poppy Field 1 :iconsagittariusgallery:sagittariusgallery 33 5 The Wanderer :iconmoyan:moyan 8,543 367 Painting: Mystical :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 1,708 382 Twilight on hearts' orchard :iconnicolas-gouny-art:nicolas-gouny-art 1,107 344 Short and tall-full :iconilona:ilona 574 66 Storytale :iconilona:ilona 730 255 Periodic Table of Storytelling :icondawnpaladin:DawnPaladin 7,796 763 Always the Season for Trees :iconminikikiart:minikikiart 596 100




:iconwriters-workshop: :iconsuturehq: :iconcrliterature: :iconmocritjo: :iconthewrittenrevolution: :iconcommunityrelations:

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
Since 2005 `Beccalicious has graced the writing community with her infectious positivity. From her own work to her critiques and advice to her peers, she brings an attitude many of us could learn a thing or two from.
She also is committed to helping keep her little section of the world clean and organized, going out of her way to let us know when there are things in the wrong place, making the writing categories just that much better for everyone.
On top of all that she provides a lot of insightful journals full of advice and resources for aspiring writers from all walks.
Drop by her page and say hi to Becca, and wish her congrats on deviousness for June of 2008!
-awarded June 2008

Network yourself #1!

Tue Mar 7, 2017, 1:22 PM

We keep hearing people asking for help in networking and are trying to devise ways and means to optimise the community to help!

Friends3 by BeccaJS

The objective of this journal is for you to share with everyone what you are looking for and share what you know too.

:bulletblue: Be honest- if you're just looking for new watchers- say so!
:bulletblue: Make sure to state if you're looking for something more niche, such as people who like a particular fandom, or experts in forms of poetry.
:bulletblue: Maybe you want a writing partner or suggestions for a particular group? 
:bulletblue:  Then you can answer other requests! Share your knowledge, tag some people you think could help and share the love! Simple right?


Person A posts: "Hi I am Bob and I love pies, people and piranas! I am looking for people who are interested in science fiction writing"
Person B replies: "Oh I know SRSmith, he is an excellent Sci fi writer, you should watch him"
Person A replies: "Oh thank you person B, I shall watch him"
Person C replies: "I am also interested in scifi writing, I'll add you to my watch"
Person D replies: "OMG I love piranas too, totally watching you now"
Person E replied: "I have a useful resource on scifi writing, here is a link"
Person A: "Thanks all!"

So what are you waiting for? Introduce yourself and share what it is you want! Then make sure you return the favour and reply to others!

If this works, we will do this regularly! 


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If the need for prose gets critical, you're welcome to nosey around the links on my Flash Fiction page to find my older work that's (probably) not on here. Anything you like I can add to my gallery/library if it's not already there.
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