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Hey there You asked for a critique on my journal and despite already being behind on my promise I am now catching up :D This was an inte...

Hi there This piece is very visual- I like the attractive use of colour and the open questions throughout. I can see the potential in t...



What do you think Litblitz could be? 

4 deviants said Theories welcome :)
4 deviants said Not long now




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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
Since 2005 `Beccalicious has graced the writing community with her infectious positivity. From her own work to her critiques and advice to her peers, she brings an attitude many of us could learn a thing or two from.
She also is committed to helping keep her little section of the world clean and organized, going out of her way to let us know when there are things in the wrong place, making the writing categories just that much better for everyone.
On top of all that she provides a lot of insightful journals full of advice and resources for aspiring writers from all walks.
Drop by her page and say hi to Becca, and wish her congrats on deviousness for June of 2008!
-awarded June 2008

The Corpse Begins!

Sat Jun 16, 2018, 10:48 AM
:new: Update: If the teams continue to move this quickly- I am thinking of creating a ROUND 2- so a second stanza for each teams poem. If you have any feeling about this- agree/disagree/will do whatever, please let me know and I will decide in the next 24 hours!

Oh yes, we have 33 people ready to dance!

Thank you to all your wonderful people who have signed up to your survival! The signups are now closed and we are officially underway for the corpse! (Don't worry, if you have caught this late and ask very nicely, I may squeeze you in somewhere!)

Because we have so many wonderful people, I have split you into 3 teams. You will all start with the same line so it will be interesting to see how far away each piece gets from each other- or equally similar!

Mjcat1 by BeccaJS

I'm a participant! What happens next?

Read this carefully and ask questions if you are confused!

  • The first line will be sent to the second person on the list in the next few hours and the game shall begin!

  •  The power is in their hands to allow the poem to travel between all participants using the deviantART note system. Please only use notes- do not post this elsewhere or you spoil the game!

  • When it is your turn, you will receive a note from the previous participant and you will see only their line of the poem. (senders, make sure you start a new note, do not forward the note you received on! This stops any potential chain and extra lines being seen!). You will then send your line to the next participant.

  • PLEASE Title the note with your team name, as this helps me a lot!

  • When you send your note on, please ensure you also send your note to BeccaJS (that's me!). I will be collecting all the lines together to arrange the complete poem, which I will post at the end. I will also use this as confirmation you have registered your line and the chain continues. If I am not copied in, I will believe you are no longer playing and move on to the next person. 

  • After 48 hours, I will send you a nudge, and if no reply after a further 24 hours, you will be moved on.

  • Besides the technical, relax and have fun! We have no idea how the poem will turn out in the end, but it will be something we've never seen before! 

Participant order

This is the important bit! See who you are expecting a note from, see you you are sending yours too. Remember to copy me in and all will be grand!

As this progresses, a little ball will be against the participant who currently holds the line. This will help you see where we are!

Team names are of course Michael Jackson Themed because why not.

Team Thriller

Thirller by BeccaJS

This is diller! dil-la-yeah!

  1. BeccaJS 
  2. Memnalar
  3. MagicalJoey 
  4. squanpie
  5. WilhelmTheloniousF 
  6. GreenBlade16 :bulletblue:
  7. The-Inkling 
  8. Amarantheans
  9. joe-wright
  10. JessaMar 
  11. Malintra-Shadowmoon

 Team Bad

D575a83bceee1a0ead64a132d2114704 by BeccaJS

Your Butt is mine!

  1. BeccaJS 
  2. Mythiril 
  3. Yuukon
  4. DC-26
  5. Pack69Alpha
  6. Domaex
  7. maxnort 
  8. BlueBlueFox
  9. Zara-Arletis   
  10. Teague-Drydan :bulletblue:
  11. neurotype 

Team Beat-it!

Beat-It-michael-jackson-12868764-350-280 by BeccaJS

You want to be tough, better do what you can

  1. BeccaJS 
  2. QuixoticApricot 
  3. RangerRed09
  4. Zed-of-Venice 
  5. fingerrocks :bulletblue:
  6. crazydave11
  7. SpearHawk
  8. philologie
  9. beeswingblue
  10. xlntwtch 
  11. Aijoku
  12. akrasiel 

Are You READY?

It is time to play! Remember:

- Only sent the note with your line in
- You have 48 hours to complete your line and move on, otherwise you will be jumped. :stare:
- Copy BeccaJS in your note so I can put these things together
-  Make sure your team name is in the title of your note!

Lets have some fun and get Exquisite!



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BeccaJS Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018   Writer
Haha I am like wallpaper- stuck to the walls!
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